In the course of ARCA 2019 all exhibitors and interested visitors can get advice about possibilities to implement their ideas and innovations. Information will be provided on financing options, protection and commercial use of innovation.

Information will be provided by representatives from both governmental and civil institutions forming the “innovative chain”- from the exhibition’s organizer Union of Croatian Inventors, through the Croatian Intellectual Property to the Croatian Economic Chamber, the Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development, managing authorities etc.

The Union of Croatian Innovators has started a series of lectures and presentations about innovations and UCI’s work in the form of webinars. The first, focused on the UCI’s organizational scheme, associations’ responsibilities and legal regulations concerning innovators’ associations and members of local innovators’ associations, took place on July 2nd. It was led by Ms Silvana Svilar, expert associate and UCI’s project leader.

Webinar organizer: Tatjana Antić, EU coordinator of the Union of Croatian Innovators. Implementation: Arjana Blažić & Sonja Lušić Radošević, Technical support: Leon Margetić from CARNET.

The 30-minute webinar available HERE.

We are open to your suggestions regarding new webinar topics at ARCA 2019. You can also email us at