The event is organized by the Union of Croatian Innovators (UIH), in accordance with the rules of IFIA - the International Federation of National Innovators’ Associations, with the support of the Croatian Community of Technical Culture.

  1. General exhibition terms apply to all exhibitors.
  2. The right to participate on the Exhibition belongs to all legal and physical persons in accordance with the General exhibition terms.
  3. The right to exhibit on the ARCA 2019 Exhibition belongs to the innovations, new products and technologies from the field of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, IT, physics, mechatronics, chemistry, biology, medicine and other natural and technical fields.
  4. The applications for participation shall be submitted no later than October 2nd 2019 at 4 PM!
  5. Applications for the Exhibition submitted after the deadline specified in n⁰ 4. of the General exhibition terms will be discarded.
  6. A valid application shall also be deemed to be a contract concluded between the exhibitor and the organizer and that the exhibitor affirms to accept the General exhibition terms. The exhibitor is obliged to sign the application in person, and if the exhibitor is a legal person, he also must sign the application with a stamp. In case of completing the application on the online form the same is valid without the seal and signature and by fulfilling the exhibitor accepts the conditions of the presentation.
  7. Minimum exhibition area per innovation is 2 m2, except in the case of TYPE A exhibition area where one innovation comes on 1 m2.
  8. After having received the exhibitor’s application, the organizer will issue the offer for the services ordered to the exhibitor. Exhibitor is obliged to make a payment by offer no later than 4 PM on October 15th 2019.
  9. By making a payment according to the application, the exhibitors ensure their exhibition area.
  10. If the exhibitor fails to pay within the deadline set in n⁰ 8. of the General exhibition terms or fails to notify the organizer that he is canceling his participation on exhibition, the exhibitor will not be provided with the exhibition area and must pay the organizer 75% of the price of the ordered exhibition area.
  11. If the exhibitor cancel the participation after the deadline set in n⁰ 8. of the General exhibition terms, he shall be charged with the full price of the ordered exhibition area.
  12. Technical part of the preparation of the exhibition area (stand) will be completed till 3 PM on October 16th 2019 .
  13. The exhibitor may start arranging his exhibition area (stand) after 3 PM on October 16th 2019.
  14. The exhibitor is obligated to equip the stand with his exhibition content no later than 9 AM on October 17th 2019 .The official opening of the Exhibition will start at 11 AM on October 17th 2019 .
  15. In case of any additional works, equipment, furniture on the exhibition area on the demand of the exhibitors stated in the application, these shall be charged to the exhibitor according to the price list of additional works, equipment, furniture.
  16. The exhibitor is not allowed to take away the exhibits from his exhibition area before the closing of the Exhibition, on at 4 PM on October 19th 2019. Working hours of the Exhibition are from 10 AM to 7 PM. For exhibitors from 9:45 AM to 7:15 PM.
  17. The organizer shall provide for the security services agency during the Exhibition. The organizer is not responsible for damages, losses or misappropriation of exhibitor’s property during working hours of the Exhibition.
  18. During the exhibition inventions will be evaluated and the most successful inventions and exhibitors will be awarded with awards and recognitions in accordance with the ARCA 2019 awards and recognitions rules.
  19. The organizer shall take care of the cleanliness between the stands and the exhibition area is maintained by the exhibitor himself.
  20. The exhibition area prices are expressed without VAT on the basis of Art. 90. § 2 of the Law on VAT.
  21. All possible disputes that may arise between the exhibitor and organizers shall be resolved by mutual agreement, if they fail in doing so, they shall determine the jurisdiction of the competent court in Zagreb.